Awe goo get some rest lol. Im at work. Still havent eaten since 8am and its 524pm blehhh

Lol. That sucks.

Hiiii how are you?

Hello, tired from work and school.


Beautiful Chaser

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Low N Slow King of Fitment 350Z

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October volume came in early.

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2015 BMW M3

Photos by Jim Davis

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The level.

iā€™m very angry and very impressed

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Nothing like waking up at 7:30AM on a Saturday for a Physics Show. #GoScience #physics (at Foothill College)

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I’m so sleepy.

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For food court food, this restaurant has the best customer service and also authentic Mexican food. It’s so hard to find authentic Mexican food around this area. Since I went with my boyfriend, they went out of their way to create such a nice and lovely food art for us. Also, they have their own restaurant in San Carlos. Definitely recommend this place for anyone who enjoys Mexican food like I do. Makes me miss home and @paisaalex ‘s cooking! šŸ˜‹ (at Gabriel & Daniel’s)

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Parents complained about how teachers are being dressed. Director said the parents complaining are the ones who always seem to try to find a problem with everything when there is actually nothing wrong. Instead, we are told to dress casual/professional instead if wearing just causality like we do. Me on the other hand, I wear clothes that just covers my tattoos, so kids aren’t distracted by them. Instead, my director asked me to dress more elderly looking because I look like a kid. šŸ˜’

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