Done with history test now work!

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Gorgeous artworks by T.S. Claire

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Tomorrow the Trailer Arrives! #FiftyShades


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Hotel’s mirror problem. ✌️

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Overview of LA from up high. #nofilter #VirginAmerica 🌉✈️🌅🌆

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我爱你。。。很多!👫😊❤️ (at PIER 39)

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sadly, not all Starbucks has trenta

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Knott’s Soak City in SJ!

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First time on a boat! Thanks to my boyfriend 😛❤️ @andrew_l92 #TeamWandrew (at Under The Bay Bridge)

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Today at work, me and my co worker were talking about the excessive work we do, but we don’t get paid enough. Even with share tip, we still basically get paid minimum wage. Our tip gets tax as well. Basically, we lose more than what we should be earning. Also, we were talking about money issue with school and bills since we both have bills to pay. The customer overheard and after he left, we saw the amount of tip he wrote. It meant a lot to us and we were so awe.

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oh the feels. We constantly check up on costumers to make sure that everything is okay with them, and it pisses me off when an entire group of people don’t tip.

RIGHT. I understand people who tip less because they can’t afford to tip as much, but people coming in with LV, Prada, Celine bag and tipping two dollars when they ordered 100$ worth of food? Seriously. Betcha the brand name shit is fake as themselves! There are all sorts of customers out there, some just don’t deserve to come back. 

OKAY, so this isn’t the first time that this happen, but the first time someone made an excuse just for discount. My boss is nice and when he starts a conversation with someone, he would just tell us “Oh, give them discount”. Etc, but when he isn’t present PEOPLE HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK FOR DISCOUNT. FUCKEN RUDE, just straight up rude. I hate people like that. I don’t just give out discount to anyone, I might as well give it out to everyone that dines in if people are feeling so damn special. 

So, this guy comes in. I don’t even know him personally and he talks to my co-workers and boss here and there. Then he goes, “Oh, can I order my food to go because I won’t finish it.” I’m like sure, ok. I bring in the order to the kitchen and ask them to package it togo. He asked if he can pay now so I said “$7.62”. Nigga goes, “Oh, can I have my 10% discount”. WHAT THE FUCK BITCH. I looked at my manager and we just gave it to him and then he tips 58 FUCKEN CENT AND ATE THE ENTIRE “TOGO” dish. Like, okay…. didn’t you get it togo because you couldn’t finish it? So me and my manager were talking shit on how people demand for so much with such rudeness and is dirt cheap. 

He doesn’t recognize the positions we work as to clean and be on our feet for more than 6 hours, cleaning after people and people come in asking for discount? Not even tipping… IN A RESTAURANT. Just because your food is TOGO means you can’t tip, even though you are dining in and using the wifi, and we are offering you food and asking if everything is ok? Lol, seriously. Fucken losers. 

People like that, act so balling with their high ass car and talking about all this mod and shit but can’t even tip. 

I am not staying that it is mandatory to tip but for people who ask for discount? And make an excuse for not tipping?